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How to: AeroPress

How to: Aeropress

Crisp, intense, and nuanced. This upright, non-inverted method accentuates floral qualities.


15gr coffee

200gr water



Brew time

2 minutes

You need








Step 1 - Prepare

Whist waiting for your water to boil insert the rubber plunger in to the top of the Aeropress so it sits just below the number 4 mark, turn it upside down and pop it on the scale, just like the picture at the top of the guide. Place the paper filter in the cap and rinse with water, this stops any papery flavours getting into your coffee.

Step 2 - Grind

Tare the scale to zero. Add 15g of freshly ground coffee to the Aeropress. It should be a slightly finer grind than you would use for a cafetiere but not as fine as espresso … we tend to lean towards the coarser side.

Step 3 - Pour

Add 200g of boiling water to the Aeropress and start your timer. Carefully place the plunger part in the top of the Aeropress. This will stop the coffee dripping through the filter. After 1 minute, carefully remove the plunger and give the brew a good stir. Let brew for 1 more minute.

Step 4 - Plunge

Gently and slowly push the plunger down until the coffee brew is completely pushed through the filter. And you’re done! Now drink and enjoy!