About Us


About Us

Sajiva Coffee & Ceramics

Taking roots in the Sanskrit, Sajiva translates into “full of life” in English. We really dig this idea of being alive; the way it reminds us of the feeling that we get after our morning coffee: awake and ready. Of being full to the brim, just the way we like a cup of our favorite latte to be. It was on this exact ground of mind that Sajiva was born, built and nurtured. 

We are currently serving in two areas: Sajiva Coffee & Ceramics in Karawaci (Tangerang) and Sajiva Coffee Company in Kasablanka (Jakarta). Stop by for a morning grab-and-go, or a relaxed afternoon sip-and-stay for our rich coffee brews and assorted latte options. You will be pleased to know that we take the matter of caffeine fix to the heart, and use only the best quality of beans to serve you yours. Don’t forget to treat yourself to our solid spread of savory dishes and sweet delights, too. More, we will be as pleased to show you our way around ceramics. For our ceramics not only celebrate the process it took to produce hand-made goods, but also the art of it. 



This website is our online platform to connect better and reach out to customers all over the world. You can browse to your heart content and purchase our selections of coffee beans, as well as wide ranges of coffee equipment and artisan ceramic goods online. We will be more than happy to have your purchase delivered to you in no time. 

Custom & Wholesale

Over the years, we have had the privilege to carry and work with brands that not only we’re proud of, but love as well 

Sajiva offers a full range of services for your business. From designing your dream tablewares to fine tuning the perfect coffee bean, we will improve your entire coffee experience.

If you simply want the best for your business, we also offer wholesale.

Get in touch so we can discuss it further!